• Questions – What are the steps to redeem a Tellthebell gift card for completing a survey?

Answer – If you want to win prizes and participate in competitions, all you have to do is give Taco Bell your thoughts and ratings on their official survey website, tellthebell.com. When you log in, we’ll ask you some questions; if you answer them truthfully, you might win $500. Participating customers of Taco Bell have a chance to win a $500 one-time prize for their honest feedback in their “Tell the Bell” customer satisfaction survey.

  • Questions – Does the tellthebell have a description?

Answer – To take part in Taco Bell’s customer satisfaction and feedback survey, visit www.tellthebell.com, their official website for feedback. There is a $500 cash prize up for grabs for everyone who takes the time to fill out the Tellthebell survey.

  • Questions – At what point will the Taco Bell Survey be available to take?

Answer – Go to www.tellthebell.com to participate in Taco Bell’s customer satisfaction survey. Before you can click the “Start” button, you’ll need to provide your 16-digit survey code. First things first: while filling out the Tell the Bell Taco Bell Survey, please be as honest as possible.

  • Questions – In order to win the Taco Bell poll, what exactly must one do?

Answer –  The Taco Bell survey is short and sweet, but the winner is picked at random from all the entries. Approximately six weeks after the campaign’s conclusion, Taco Bell will use normal mail, email, and phone to contact the survey contest winners.

Tellthebell.com Survey