– Free Fries & Drink – Hungry Jack’s Survey – Would you like to tell any Hungry Jack’s about your experience? Do you want to tell them how good their food is and how good their customer service is. – Free Fries & Drink – Hungry Jack’s Survey

Take advantage of the chance Hungry Jack’s is giving you today and fill out the Hungry Jack’s Guest Experience Survey!

Just go to Survey and tell them what you think are the best things about Hungry Jack’s and what changes would make the chain better. The Hungry Jack’s Customer Survey helps the chain make changes to its food and services based on what customers want.

If you fill out the Hungry Jack’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, you’ll have a chance to win a coupon that you can use on your next visit. The survey only takes a few minutes to finish.

Have you recently had a good meal at Hungry Jack’s? If so, please fill out the Hungry Jack’s Survey at and help them get better.

How to Take the Survey

  • You can start the Hungry Jack’s Survey by going to
  • Read through the terms and Please click on the box that says “Continue.”
  • The survey code is on the front of your ticket. Please enter it.
  • Type in the time of your stay.
  • Next, please press the “Start” button to start the Hungry Jack’s poll.
  • Think about the time you spent at Hungry Jack’s and answer some questions about it.
  • Answer all of the questions honestly.
  • Rate based on how satisfied you are with the whole thing.
  • A Look at Hungry Jack’s To enter the sweepstakes, please give us your contact information.
  • Fill out the Hungry Jack’s poll..

Benefits and Rewards

When you’re done with the Hungry Jack’s Survey at, you’ll get a Validation Code that you can use to claim the deal on your ticket.

Terms and Conditions or Rules

  • You need to have the ticket from Hungry Jack’s that has the survey code on it.
  • Reliable access to the internet.
  • You can use a laptop, PC, phone, or tablet.
  • Knowing the basics of English.
  • You need to have a working email address.
  • No Need to Buy Anything.
  • You have to live in the United States.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Each ticket gets one entry.
  • You can’t move prizes.
  • You have three days to fill out the poll.
  • Staff from Hungry Jack’s are not allowed to go in.

About the Company

The company that owns Hungry Jack’s is Burger King. All of the Burger King restaurants in Australia are owned and run by Hungry Jack’s. 

Hungry Jack’s is the second largest Burger King partner in the world, with more than 400 stores in Australia. The first one, on the other hand, is Carrols Corporation.

History of How Burger King Got into Australia It was planned for Burger King to grow its business in Australia, but the company backed off. The reason is that there is already a pizza place called “BURGER KING.” They were not sure if they should use the same name for their business.

After a lot of study, they have also chosen to use the Hungry Jack brand name for Pillsbury’s U.S. pancake mix goods. Government officials have kept the name HUNGARY JACK’s for the Burger King branch, with a few small changes.


Thanks for taking the Hungry Jack’s Survey at If you have any questions or comments about this post about the Hungry Jack’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, please use the box below. FAQs

  • Questions – Why take the survey?

Answer – Feel free to share your thoughts about this restaurant’s pros, cons, food, and staff. So that if they need to, they can make more changes and make it the best restaurant in the world.

  • Questions – What free meal do I get at this joint? 

Answer – When you fill out the poll in this place, you’ll get some prizes. If you fill out this poll, you could get free burgers, small chips, and small drinks on your next visit.

  • Questions – How long does the meal ticket last before it needs to be given back?

Answer – The voucher can be used for as many days as you want. This means that if you buy a Hungry Jack ticket once, you can go back whenever you want. That means you don’t have to worry about it.

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